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Paul Strong is VMware's externally facing corporate Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for connecting VMware R&D with the VMware field organization, its partners and its customers, helping to change the way businesses view and manage their business services and technology assets. As part of VMware’s CTO Office, Paul helps drive VMware’s technology vision, and cross company technology strategy. His team runs a set of cross VMware programs that drive outbound communication of VMware’s technology strategy, enable inbound aggregation of customer technical needs and opportunities, facilitate direct R&D engineer to customer technical engagement, and drive the development of market segment specific technologies, for example within industry verticals, or horizontal areas, such as high performance computing (HPC). Paul is a recognized leader within the Cloud and Grid communities, and within industry, and is a regular keynote speaker and contributor of articles on the subjects of Clouds. He lead the Open Grid Forum (OGF), a Grid and Cloud computing community, as secretary, and was chairman from 2006-2008, as well as leading the OGF Reference Model working group. Paul also sits on the technology advisory boards of a number of companies and projects, ranging from small startups, to mature businesses, to government funded consortia. As a Distinguished Research Scientist at eBay, he was responsible for eBay's research into large distributed systems (including Grids and Clouds) and how to manage them. Prior to joining eBay Paul architected and developed various software systems, including contributions to Sun's Solaris Containers (now Zones) and N1 products, large scale B2B eCommerce systems, and large, distributed command and control systems. Paul has a bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Manchester, in England.

Systems of Intimacy- Science Fiction Made Real

I’m lucky enough to have one of those jobs where you are meant to be ‘intimate’ with the future. Someone once accused me of being a futurist! Of course prediction is risky as the future is unknowable, at least according to current science. So it’s always fun to explore predicting the future through the lens […]

Office of the CTO at VMworld Europe

With VMworld US securely under our belt, VMware’s Office of the CTO has been forging forward with preparations for VMworld Europe this month. Will we see you in Barcelona? If the answer is yes, take a few minutes to review where to find us on site. VMware’s Office of the CTO Booth: Don’t forget to swing by […]

Destination Give Back at VMworld

I’m back at VMworld 2015. Amongst the keynotes, breakout sessions, and Hands-on Lab, as I look around VMworld, I see a buzzing ecosystem of VMware customers, partners, employees and fans. This morning, when I walked into Gen Session to hear Yanbing Li, I saw that Destination Give Back has returned this year to VMworld – […]


Another week, another trip! :o)  One of things I truly love about my job is the opportunity to get out into the field and spend time with our customers, our partners, and our own field.  I get to spend some time talking about my favorite topic– disruption at the intersection of business and technology (more […]

EVALExperience – Yet Another Reason To Be A VMUG Advantage Subscriber

One of the things that excited me most when I joined VMware was how passionate and knowledgeable our user community is. After I joined, I remember getting on a plane once. I was wearing VMware apparel (aka ‘schwag’) and carrying a VMware laptop bag (aka more schwag, and yup I am all in on wearing/touting […]

Better Together – Containers are a Natural Part of the Software-Defined Data Center

Today is the first day of VMworld 2014! There’s a lot to be excited about this year, but for me, it is our work around containers that particularly engages me. And it engages me for two very specific reasons. Firstly, containers are very dear to my heart. I worked on Solaris Containers since their inception […]

Virtual Crystal Ball Gazing

It’s that time of year again!  Time to start wrapping up the current year, along with the gifts, and begin to think about the next year in earnest.   Such exercises are of course risky, but also fun.  And in truth, this is a useful forcing function.  Maintaining a perspective and driving strategic technology decisions […]

Staying Connected – The VMware CTO Ambassadors

One challenge facing technology companies is how to enable product architects and engineers to stay connected with their customers. It’s with strong customer connections that these architects and engineers can act as trusted advisors and help guide customers on their technology journey – addressing IT needs today and anticipating future trends and requirements. Staying connected with […]

It’s All About The Applications

These are exciting times for those of us with a passion for infrastructure.  The unstoppable tide of virtualization, having covered servers, is now crashing over networking and storage as we continue towards a fully automated data center. With all of these developments in infrastructure, it’s very easy to lose sight of the purpose of that […]

IT as a strategic weapon, rather than a necessary evil

When Joe Baguley joined the VMware Office of the CTO in 2011, we knew he would be fantastic at connecting the VMware R&D organization with its customers and partners in EMEA – to share VMware’s vision and strategy, and to relay customer feedback back to R&D in order to continue to innovate and improve our […]