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Richard McDougall

Richard McDougall

Richard McDougall was formerly the Big Data and Storage Chief Scientist at VMware. He worked on advanced development and analytics for core vSphere storage and application storage services, including Big Data, Hadoop. Prior, as the Chief Performance architect Richard drove the performance strategy and initiatives to enable virtualization of high-end mission critical applications on VMware products. Prior to joining VMware, Richard was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems. During his 14 years at Sun, he was responsible for driving high performance and scalability initiatives for Solaris and key applications on the Sun platform. He served on the central software platform architecture review committee, and also drove the early resource management initiatives for Solaris. Recognized as an operating system and performance expert, he developed several technologies for the Solaris operating system and co-authored several books—including “Solaris Resource Management”, “Solaris Internals” and “Solaris Performance and Tools”. Richard holds several patents in the area of performance instrumentation, algorithms and distributed file system technologies.

The Dawn of Virtual SAN

Today I’m proud to announce the availability of VMware Virtual SAN 5.5. This milestone represents a disruptive event for the storage industry and a major achievement for VMware’s strategy. We are bringing together the key third block in the trio of virtualized compute, network and storage. With the fusion of these three resources upon industry […]

Storage and Big Data in 2014

Last year, I made several predictions about storage and big data – including one about the mad dash for software-defined storage (SDS). Well that’s certainly turned out to be true, with literally dozens of new products hitting the market this year with various attributes of software-defined storage! VMware also made some big news in this space […]

We need your input: Big Data Survey

  Our Big Data team is running a survey to gather information on the key facets of your Big Data and Hadoop environments. Please grab some time to provide us your inputs. More details are available here…    

Is Your Cloud Ready for Big Data?

This week is Big Data Week in NY, if your into big data it’s one of the coolest places to be right now. At the center of stage is O’Reilly Strata Conf and Hadoop World, with an array of other data events happening around the venue — a data sensing lab, a NY big data […]

VMware’s Strategy for Software-Defined Storage

What if the concepts Abstract, Pool, and Automate are applied to Storage? The foundation of the modern data center is pooled, automated resources that are sufficiently abstracted from physical hardware leading to significant gains in operational efficiency and resource utilization efficiency. This is true for almost every virtualization and cloud platform today. The advantages come […]

Big Data @ VMworld

I certainly hope you’re as amped about VMworld as I am.  VMware’s signature event kicks off at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and the team here has been working hard to bring some new products your way.  One of those new products is vSphere Big Data Extensions.  For those of you curious about what […]

Big Data Extensions for vSphere

This week marks the one year birthday for Project Serengeti, first released at the Hadoop Summit in 2012. Today we’re announcing vSphere Big Data Extensions Beta. I’d also like to take this opportunity to update out thoughts about the big data program and highlights for the support of Big Data in a virtual environment. Our […]

Pivotal, Big Data and VMware

  It’s great to see the public launch of Pivotal today. The mission — to build a new platform for a new era — is bold but appropriately targeted at some of the biggest fundamental changes in application technologies. Pivotal is now a separate entity, bringing several teams and technologies from both VMware and EMC […]

Expanding the Virtual Big Data Platform

Today we are releasing a new set of capabilities in Serengeti 0.8.0, which extends the reach of partner supported Hadoop versions and capabilities. In addition, we are broadening the reach of Serengeti into mixed workload configurations, enabling provisioning of an HBase cluster in this release. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, most big-data environments consist of a mix […]

2013 Predictions for Big Data

Over the last few years we’ve seen a frenzy of interest and buzz around the area of Big Data. Beyond the hype, there is a solid base of growing use cases, which are becoming center stage to most businesses. 2011 was the year of awareness. There was a great amount of sharing from the early […]