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Scott Davis was formerly the CTO for VMware’s End User Computing B.U. and a core staff member in VMware’s Corporate CTO Office. In his last role, he was involved in driving product and technology strategy spanning the breadth of VMware’s End User Computing products and initiatives, as well as cultivating advanced development and partnerships for the BU. He previously served as VMware's Chief Data Center Architect and Storage CTO. His background includes a mixture of both startup ventures and more established industry firms. Prior to joining VMware, he was Founder, President, and CTO of Virtual Iron Software, which originally created a unique clustered hypervisor that enabled virtual machines to span physical servers utilizing Infiniband as a shared memory-style interconnect. The company was later acquired by Oracle and became the basis of OracleVM. He was also VP/CTO at Mangosoft, an Internet software and storage startup company with pioneering peer-to-peer clustering, caching and file system products. He spent the early part of his career at D.E.C. where he was Technical Director for VAXClusters and VMS Volume Shadowing products, as well as Digital’s Windows NT clustering technology (later sold to Microsoft as the genesis of Microsoft 'Wolfpack' Cluster Server). One of the primary reasons he joined VMware was to work with brilliant folks along with what he saw as the rare opportunity to be a part of the next great sea change in the computer industry and he wasn't at all disappointed! Whether it’s End User Computing, Software-Defined Data Center, Storage, System Management, Application Frameworks or Cloud Computing to name just a few, VMware’s innovations are drastically changing the way we think about and deliver IT solutions.

The Mobile/Cloud Era

A Perspective on 2013 For my 2013 year end blog, I want to step back and talk about a broad trend that I see blooming in the industry. It’s pervasive and has profound impact. We are in what I call the Mobile/Cloud era of computing. Mobile/cloud is this era’s equivalent of client/server. They are independent entities […]

VDI 2.0 Vision Delivered

At VMworld 2013 in San Francisco, we started talking about the vision of VDI 2.0, the next generation VDI architecture comprising the confluence of a variety of new technologies from VMware and our partners, as well as VMware’s formal entrance into the DaaS or Desktop as a Service market. Here at VMworld EMEA, we’re going […]

Next Generation Virtual Desktop as a Service

Welcome to VMworld 2013 and Imagine Dragons. Love that “Radioactive” song! Oops, sorry, wrong blog. 😉 Seriously, I want to share with you some powerful developments in the evolution of End User Computing that I’m discussing at VMworld this week. The first topic is a milestone in the evolution of VDI, what I view as […]

The Mobile Workforce Era

I recently had the pleasure of hosting and moderating an engaging panel on the Mobile Workforce Era at MobileBeat 2013 conference in San Francisco. MobileBeat is VentureBeat’s flagship conference on Mobile computing and how these technologies are evolving in both the consumer and business spaces. We had a diverse panel made up of Raj Singh […]

Mobile First or Mobile Only? What’s Next for the Enterprise?

Observations from Venture Beat Mobile Summit I recently had the pleasure of attending Venture Beat’s Mobile Summit and co-chairing two sessions on mobile’s effect on the enterprise with Gaurav Tewari, Director at SAP Ventures, and moderated by Dylan Tweney, Venture Beat Executive Editor. The sessions were roundtable discussions and focused on surfacing how mobile is […]

Broadening VMware’s EUC Horizons with Innovation

Welcome to 2013, the era of multi-device mobile workspace, BYOD and the consumerization of IT. Let’s explore each of these. Consumerization of IT doesn’t mean encouraging your users to use unaccountable, non-compliant consumer services to get their work done. But it does mean that IT has competition!

End User Computing 2013 Predictions

2012 Wrap up It’s been an exciting year of changes and innovations in End User Computing land. In the industry at large, we saw the continued, inescapable march of BYOD and end user choice, featuring Apple iPad domination of the tablet landscape, Macs in the enterprise and a duopoly of Android and iPhone in the […]

Delivering Desktops as a Service (DaaS)

David Stafford and Scott Davis The Myths of DaaS There is a lot of misinformation and FUD surrounding DaaS in the marketplace today. Some are the result of loose interpretation of licensing restrictions while others are more self-serving that the only DaaS achievable today comes in a form that a vendor has been selling for […]

Musings on our Post PC, Multi-Device World

Last year at VMworld 2011, we rolled out our vision for end user computing in the post PC era; a multi-device world where everyone is able to use the various devices of their choice to make them the most productive throughout the day for their business needs. IT is moving away from managing physical devices […]

Why VDI is more Secure than Physical Desktops

There has been some interesting conversations recently at both BriForum and in the blogosphere about VDI and Security, the premise being that VDI is not more secure than other ways of running Microsoft Windows. I want to address that comment head on and unequivocally state that VDI has quite a few security benefits. Now, let […]