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VDI 2.0 Vision Delivered

At VMworld 2013 in San Francisco, we started talking about the vision of VDI 2.0, the next generation VDI architecture comprising the confluence of a variety of new technologies from VMware and our partners, as well as VMware’s formal entrance into the DaaS or Desktop as a Service market. Here at VMworld EMEA, we’re going […]

Innovations in the VMware Cloud Management Portfolio

VMworld Europe is this week and there’s a lot of news coming from VMware, so I want to take a step back and highlight some of the innovation included in the new Cloud Management offerings we announced in Barcelona. The Cloud Management team is releasing updated products across the portfolio – with new versions of […]

Direct Connect with vCloud Hybrid Service

VMworld Europe kicks off this week, and there are a lot of strong announcements coming from VMware – across our entire portfolio. On the Hybrid Cloud side, VMware today announced it plans to bring VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to the UK with the first data center location in Slough, and will offer a private beta […]

Introducing VMware NSX – The Platform for Network Virtualization

The VMware NSX platform delivers the entire networking and security model in software, decoupled from traditional networking hardware, representing a transformative leap forward in data center networking architecture. Overview:  Today’s data center is largely virtualized from a compute perspective, and has unleashed unprecedented benefits of agility, efficiency and capex/opex savings. What is less known is […]

Virtualized High Performance Computing (HPC) at VMworld 2013

It’s been a busy few months on the HPC front here at VMware. I’ve been spending increasing amounts of time answering questions from our field people and talking with customers about the benefits of using virtualization and cloud technologies for HPC workloads. The two hottest application areas are clearly Life Sciences and Electronic Design Automation […]

VMware at the OpenStack Summit

By Guest Blogger: Martin Casado It has been a very busy week at the OpenStack Summit. Unfortunately, I am not there but Quantum is. What is Quantum? Quantum is the networking-as-a-service capability and most talked about aspect to OpenStack’s Folsom release. Quantum has become a game-changer when it comes to enabling advanced networking in OpenStack […]

¡Viva Cloud Management!

VMworld Europe kicked off today in Barcelona with approximately 8,000 attendees. My keynote this morning focused on the software-defined datacenter and our updated cloud management portfolio. This management offering includes enhancements to the management products in the recently released VMware vCloud Suite, and stand alone tools, plus the newest member of our cloud management solution: […]

Heterogeneous Cloud Management at VMworld Europe

In a recent blog post, Steve Herrod outlined how VMware products are embracing support for heterogeneous environments. VMware’s Enterprise Management products are no exception. Heterogeneity is important because while many of our customers have chosen a VMware-first policy, the reality is that their environments may not be completely vSphere: there are pockets of physical servers […]

Application Management in a Software-Defined Datacenter

In a recent blog by my colleague Kit Colbert, he outlined a number of implications that a transition from traditional systems to a cloud environment have on management. Traditionally dedicated infrastructure tied to specific applications lead to tightly integrated vertical silos and significant complexity in management tooling. With the move to software-defined datacenters these silos […]

HPC Performance in the Cloud: Status and Future Prospects

I spoke last week at ISC Cloud 2012 in Mannheim, Germany about the performance of HPC applications in the cloud, citing results from several studies. I have summarized the talk below and my PDF slide deck is available here. For full details of ISC Cloud 2012, I recommend the coverage at HPC in the Cloud. I […]