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VMware Horizon Mobile on iOS

There is a lot of news coming from VMware this week at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco, but one announcement I’m most excited to tell you about is that VMware is extending VMware Horizon Mobile to iOS. Steve Herrod will show this technology on-stage today in his keynote at VMworld. This development builds on our […]

Summer of vRDMA

Last summer, Josh Simons wrote a blog entry titled Summer of RDMA, summarizing work done by our intern, Adit Ranadive, who looked at RDMA performance on ESXi using VM DirectPath I/O with QDR InfiniBand cards passed through to VMs. At the same time, I had been exploring how to exploit RDMA for accelerating ESXi hypervisor services […]

Turning an Idea into Reality

At VMware’s recent internal R&D Innovation offsite, I had the pleasure of sharing this video with the attendees. It is a terrific selection of stories about products and features that got their start at this annual event. The stories not only demonstrate that VMware has a track record of turning great ideas into real solutions […]

Arctic Row

Seldom in life do we get the opportunity to participate in a ‘first.’  This summer, VMware’s own Neal Mueller, Product Marketing Manager for business critical apps, and a team of three others, will attempt to be the first people to row a boat across the Arctic Ocean. This is will be a first for mankind and […]

Video: A Conversation about OpenFlow and SDN

I interviewed Guru Parulkar from Open Networks Research Center to get his take on the recent Open Networking Summit, hear his thoughts on trends in the networking industry and its direction, as well as gain some insight into all the great work happening at the ONRC.

Video: Why Hadoop Can Run Faster on vSphere than Native

In this video interview, Jeff Buell, one of VMware’s senior performance engineers, shares his perspectives on the importance of Big Data for customers and for VMware. He also addresses the issue of why his Hadoop testing showed significantly better performance running Hadoop on vSphere when compared to native in some instances. The video (running time […]

Video: Ultra-low latency on vSphere

As promised, Bhavesh’s talk at the OpenFabrics User and Developer Workshop is now available for your viewing pleasure. In it, I spend a few minutes talking about some of the findings from our upcoming InfiniBand paper, and then turn it over to Bhavesh who presents the bulk of the talk. The video is here.   […]

Video: Big Data, HPC, and VMware

The video of the Big Data panel at the OpenFabrics Alliance User and Developer Workshop has now been posted at — it is available here.   DK Panda from Ohio State University spoke first and gave a compressed version of a much longer talk that illustrates the benefits of high bandwidth and low latency […]

Video Interview: Josh Simons on Virtualization for HPC and Big Data

I sat down for an interview with William Wallace from insideHPC at the OpenFabrics Alliance User and Developer Workshop in Monterey yesterday in which we talked about low latency and RDMA for the Enterprise and for HPC and the importance of Big Data to VMware. The video (running time 10:13) is here.

RSA 2012: Video Interview with RSA’s Bret Hartman

In this video I interview RSA’s Bret Hartman at RSA 2012 to talk about cloud security.