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The One-Size-Fits-One Phenomenon

In the past, enterprise storage and data management were driven by the aspiration to be “one-size-fits-all.” These systems were designed to cater to a wide range of workloads and access patterns, in addition to providing interoperability across platforms by complying to standards such as POSIX. Then came Web 2.0, an era of specialized solutions built […]

The Changing Face of Enterprise Data

What constitutes business-critical data for an enterprise today? A decade ago, the answer would be straightforward: the data associated with business-critical applications such as inventory management, email systems, financials, etc. IT was focused primarily on transforming business processes into efficient electronic workflows. Today, globalization is forcing enterprises to better optimize and personalize workflows to remain […]

Why Object Storage Is Making Inroads Into Enterprise Storage Deployments

The amount of data stored within an enterprise is growing at a phenomenal rate. In the late ‘90s, a storage system with one petabyte capacity was considered a great accomplishment— you got your name in news articles and also got invited to give conference keynotes! Today, the storage industry talks in terms of exabytes and […]

Relevance of POSIX in the Big Data Era?

Let’s start with a thought exercise: imagine your application issues a write() call followed by a read(). What would you expect to get back in the read operation? Here are your options: Always get back the latest update Get back either the latest update or the previous value, but never partial updates Always get back […]

Looking Into the Crystal Ball: 2015 End-User Computing Technology Predictions

By Noah Wasmer, VP of Product Strategy, End-User Computing, VMware Without a doubt, 2014 has left an indelible impression on the technology landscape.  Every major software and hardware player, including VMware, has continued to drive towards mobile and cloud for end-user computing. Before diving into the future predictions for 2015, let’s reflect on 2014 innovations […]

Hadoop Performance on vSphere 5.1

We’ve just published a third Hadoop performance paper, written by VMware performance expert Jeff Buell, which looks in detail at the relative performance of a bare-metal 32-node Hadoop cluster compared to a range of virtual clusters with up to 128 VMs. The executive summary is that while we saw a 13% performance degradation in a […]

2013 Predictions: When Worlds Collide

It’s time again to dust off the crystal ball, cast the yarrow sticks, read the tea leaves, and share some thoughts about where the IT world is heading over the next twelve months and beyond. Because my focus at VMware is on High Performance Computing (HPC), I’ll confine my prognostications primarily to the growing area […]

GigaOm Structure – Big Data in the Cloud

I attended GigaOm Structure this week in San Francisco, and it was another successful event with cloud bursting at the seams! I gave a talk about the real impact of Big Data when it meets cloud computing, which is an important topic for our customers.

Cetas (VMware) receives prestigious 2012 TiE50 award!

  As a great validation of VMware’s decision to acquire Cetas, that team has been honored with the TiE50 award in the Software category. This award acknowledges their achievements and underscores the recognition we are getting in the Big Data Analytics space. We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award and it is a solid […]

VMware acquires Cetas Software for Cloud and Big Data Analytics

At the beginning of the year, I posted that we are in the midst of a data renaissance  — where a rapid proliferation of new uses of data is driving new technologies to manage data. The traditional relational database had once been the main vehicle for serving the needs of online applications with optimized variants […]