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GPGPU Computing with the nVidia K80 on VMware vSphere 6

As customer interest in running HPC workloads on vSphere continues to increase, I’ve been receiving more questions about whether compute accelerators like the nVidia K80 or Intel Xeon Phi can be used with vSphere VMs.   The answer is that while VMware supports the VM Direct Path I/O feature (i.e., passthrough mode) that allows PCI […]

SC11: Virtualized GPU Compute

  My friend Cydney brought me to the AMD booth and introduced me to Scot Schultz, pictured here. He was showing a nice demo of an N-body simulation written in OpenCL running in a Linux VM on vSphere 5.   The GPU was made visible to the VM using VMware Direct Path I/O in the […]

GPU Computing (GPGPU) in a Virtual Environment

For you GPGPU fans out there, Lawrence Spracklen from our Performance Engineering team has been running some CUDA benchmarks on vSphere and has written up his results on the VROOM! performance blog. Short summary: We generally see about 98% of native performance on the tests done thusfar. Check out the details here.

New Chinese Supercomputer Poised to Take #1 Slot on TOP500

The New York Times reports that the Chinese are upping the ante significantly with a new supercomputer, which is predicted to take the #1 slot on the HPC TOP500 list when the latest version is announced at SC ’10 in New Orleans in a few weeks. Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s JaguarĀ  system is ranked #1 […]