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The Changing Face of Enterprise Data

What constitutes business-critical data for an enterprise today? A decade ago, the answer would be straightforward: the data associated with business-critical applications such as inventory management, email systems, financials, etc. IT was focused primarily on transforming business processes into efficient electronic workflows. Today, globalization is forcing enterprises to better optimize and personalize workflows to remain […]

Hadoop Performance on vSphere 5.1

We’ve just published a third Hadoop performance paper, written by VMware performance expert Jeff Buell, which looks in detail at the relative performance of a bare-metal 32-node Hadoop cluster compared to a range of virtual clusters with up to 128 VMs. The executive summary is that while we saw a 13% performance degradation in a […]

HPC Performance in the Cloud: Status and Future Prospects

I spoke last week at ISC Cloud 2012 in Mannheim, Germany about the performance of HPC applications in the cloud, citing results from several studies. I have summarized the talk below and my PDF slide deck is available here. For full details of ISC Cloud 2012, I recommend the coverage at HPC in the Cloud. I […]

GigaOm Structure – Big Data in the Cloud

I attended GigaOm Structure this week in San Francisco, and it was another successful event with cloud bursting at the seams! I gave a talk about the real impact of Big Data when it meets cloud computing, which is an important topic for our customers.

Project Serengeti: There’s a Virtual Elephant in my Datacenter

Introduction There’s no question that the amount of value being extracted from data is increasing – almost every customer I speak with is building new technology to gain new or competitive insights from tapping large volumes or rates of data. In the last few posts, I have introduced VMware technologies and products that provide data […]

Cetas (VMware) receives prestigious 2012 TiE50 award!

  As a great validation of VMware’s decision to acquire Cetas, that team has been honored with the TiE50 award in the Software category. This award acknowledges their achievements and underscores the recognition we are getting in the Big Data Analytics space. We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award and it is a solid […]

Video: Why Hadoop Can Run Faster on vSphere than Native

In this video interview, Jeff Buell, one of VMware’s senior performance engineers, shares his perspectives on the importance of Big Data for customers and for VMware. He also addresses the issue of why his Hadoop testing showed significantly better performance running Hadoop on vSphere when compared to native in some instances. The video (running time […]

SC11: Virtualized Hadoop

Abhinav Chawade from AMAX gave an excellent talk on virtualized Hadoop performance in Intel’s booth theatre on the exhibit floor during SC11. He covered the results detailed in Jeff Buell’s whitepaper, A Benchmarking Case Study of Virtualized Hadoop Performance on VMware vSphere 5, which was created as a collaborative effort between AMAX, VMware, and Mellanox. […]

Virtualizing Big Data

Analysis of large-scale, often unstructured data is becoming increasingly important within both the Enterprise and the HPC community. This is perhaps one of the most apparent areas where the convergence of HPC and Enterprise requirements can be seen as the tools and algorithmic approaches required are often the same or very similar. I imagine, for […]

Our Joint VMware / AMAX HPC Collaboration

I am excited we have now started our joint HPC exploration with our partner, AMAX. Based on an initial meeting on the show floor at VMworld in San Francisco last year, we decided to work together to examine several aspects of virtualized HPC of mutual interest. Areas where we see converging requirements between HPC and […]