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Cloud-Scale Management “Likes” Social Media

Managing IT resources across complex enterprises has historically been challenging, and those challenges are only increasing in complexity. We’re adding more variables in terms of clouds, automated processes, and people, to name a few. Consider the steady growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and for many organizations, their management complexity can potentially expand by several […]

Don’t Be Fooled By Import Tools Disguised as Hybrid Cloud Management

The biggest part of my job is speaking with end user organizations and understanding their greatest current and future challenges. Oftentimes I hear about workloads that are initially developed on a particular cloud provider’s infrastructure that cannot be redeployed or migrated anywhere else. To be clear, nothing is technically impossible. It’s always a matter of […]

Debunking Cloud IaaS Mobility Myths

Many things in life appear great on the surface, but wisdom has taught us to never trust a book by its cover or believe in silver bullets. The latest story I frequently hear being pitched in IT circles is that of cloud IaaS Utopia. In this universe, workloads can simply move anywhere (between disparate providers […]

What IT Operations Can (and Should) Learn from the Electronics Industry

The state of New Jersey is home to some of the most significant electronics inventions in our history, including countless inventions by Thomas Edison and what became the modern transistor. Bell Labs ushered in a sustained period of innovation and along with it a robust and growing workforce. My own technology career also had started […]

Complexity is Great for Profits… Just Not Your Profits

Many people who have seen me present over the past year have heard me discuss the notion of complexity and who truly benefits from it. Given the current state of IT budgets and resources, the time is ripe to take a closer look at this issue. Most organizations that I work with are grappling with […]

¡Viva Cloud Management!

VMworld Europe kicked off today in Barcelona with approximately 8,000 attendees. My keynote this morning focused on the software-defined datacenter and our updated cloud management portfolio. This management offering includes enhancements to the management products in the recently released VMware vCloud Suite, and stand alone tools, plus the newest member of our cloud management solution: […]

Heterogeneous Cloud Management at VMworld Europe

In a recent blog post, Steve Herrod outlined how VMware products are embracing support for heterogeneous environments. VMware’s Enterprise Management products are no exception. Heterogeneity is important because while many of our customers have chosen a VMware-first policy, the reality is that their environments may not be completely vSphere: there are pockets of physical servers […]

The Many Flavors of Persona Management

Persona management refers to technologies that isolate aspects of an individual user’s personal settings or customizations from the base operating system image. We find user persona technologies to be a widely misunderstood topic, as there are a variety of approaches and categories for these solutions and the various categories serve different purposes and solve different […]

Cloud Standards and Software License Management

Cloud computing is changing how IT managers are running their infrastraucture and giving them more flexibility in running their workloads. Now they can virtualize them and create portable images of their systems and services. Theses portable workloads can be realized as vApps and serveral servers can be deployed as a single package to a cloud […]

Managing the New Box

Following up on an earlier blog post about the new Box; the concept is essential to thinking about the case where an individual or an enterprise is buying capacity from a service provider. The new Box — the progression of instances being the VM, the vApp and the VDC — gives us a great way […]